Road To Success

I’ve always wanted to drive and eventually own a car of my own since young. Fortunately, the journey to my dreams has started when I finally got the opportunity and the time to enlist myself into a driving school. I would say the enlistment fees wasn’t cheap but achieving this set of skills would be long term and there are many beneficial attributes to it, so it’s definitely worth it.

Before you can actually start driving on the roads, every candidate must first clear their basic driving theory test which for most, finds it easy to pass. The book consists of road signs, ethics and rules whereby all drivers have to obey or recognize. Just be reading the book can be quite boring and a mundane task to do, so I’ve actually thought of a few concepts in the book which might be relevant to our life. Apart from passing the test, why not gather some life lessons we can pick up and then conceptually applying it into our daily life.

Blind Spots

In the basic theory book, drivers are ask to check their blind spots before driving off. Blind Spots are areas you cannot see while looking towards or through either the rear-view or the side mirrors. You will not be able to see pedestrians, riders or vehicles when they are in these spots. To overcome this, drivers are ask to turn their heads and take a quick glance over their shoulder to the left or right to avoid collisions.

Similarly, we often rush through our lives as we are so focused on getting things done that we fail to see the bigger picture. This can be potentially hazardous as the bad habit we exercise have become deeply embedded into our culture due to the human race living in a face-paced and demanding society.

We often get so caught up in situations and ultimately over looking small things which can actually occupy the biggest part of our hearts. We fail to notice things that are taken for granted where the less fortunate people earns to cherish. The ignorance if added and accumulated may have a negative impact in your life such as feeling empty or a goal in life which could deemed as a total waste.

Thus, why not take that extra effort, look over your shoulder with an open mind, stop and look at the beauty life has to offer. These are the little things that can bring joy in your daily life.

Skidding Off Road

In the book, drivers are ask to engage a lower gear and avoid rapid acceleration, hand breaking or sharp steering. If the vehicle skids sideways, steer in the direction of the skid.

Personally, I feel that this point has the greatest relevance to our life when we are met with obstacles or when we drift too far from what we aim to achieve. We are never sure whether our life has been driven in the right direction and we are unsure of our destiny. When we are hit by an obstacle we cannot foresee in our lives, one should stay focus and avoid losing control of our steering wheel, in this case our emotions. Stay motivated and focus, knowing you ultimate  goal in mind and eventually steer yourself back on track.

Steer in the direction where we had skidded. Understand you weakness and learn from your mistakes, from then, capitalize on your strengths while improving on your weaknesses and propel yourself to you goals.

Reduce Speed Now

Drivers are taught to slow down when they see the sign ‘reduce speed now’ either because there’s heavy traffic or potential danger in front.

Sometimes, we forget to rest and take breaks from the long periods of non-stop working because we are too busy with the task on hand. However, there could be ‘dangers’ ahead such as failing to stay productive if we were to work continuously without resting. Our brains aren’t built for the extended focus we are ask of it these days. Our brains need breaks in order to stay fully charged such that we’re able to focus and stay productive throughout our work duration.

Taking a few breaks here and there won’t really affect the overall productivity but instead increase the overall efficiency. Rest is extremely important as our immune system can have time to recover from over-working and help to prevent burnout.



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