The Game Of Mahjong

For about a month of playing a continuous game of mahjong has certainly left me with some thoughts. It’s commonly played around 4 people and the style of playing varies across the globe. People of all ages are suitable for the game but with the right skill, some calculation and a little luck, anyone could be an expert.

Watching Hong Kong Mahjong drama coupled with the influence of my friends, I slowly took up the interest in playing mahjong. The shocking truth is if the game is not treated as only a game, there can be many learning points people can learn through playing. Realizing how mundane the game might get after a few rounds, I thought of some of the many life lessons we can actually gain from the simple game of mahjong.

Work With What You Got

In mahjong, the tiles are randomly distributed to all 4 players. Some may obtain good matching tiles while others may get tiles that are rather hard to play with. No matter good or bad the tiles may get, or how disappointed you are, the tiles are not going to change. What’s important is having the right attitude of not giving up while putting our best foot forward and really concentrating in trying to make a positive difference with our tiles.

Same concept applies to our lives. Each and everyone of us living on this planet are either born with a silver spoon or the poorest of condition ever thought of. Life is inherently unfair. But even though some are born into poverty or born to be physically disabled, with the ability and the courage to keep on working hard, your fate can change significantly. I’ve actually tried many times in mahjong where my initial tiles doesn’t seem too good, however, with a bit of luck and determination to win, I managed to completely change my tiles and finally win the game. Thus, it’s really how we play the hand we’re dealt that’s important.

Make Game-Changing Decisions

If your opponents in a game of mahjong are all equally strong, there are no real and obvious outcome of who the winner might be except for the fate of luck. As such, the only way to ensure you come out on top is to make extremely crucial and important decisions. Some may involve taking risk so it’s break it or make it. The stakes are high so be extra careful on the tiles you give up.

Most people don’t actually know the profound effects of decision making in our lives. Every single decision we make does make a difference in our fate and of who we are today. Before making any decision, we must be very clear of the chain of events to happen as it might potentially bring no benefits or even harm to ourselves.

Often times when I started playing mahjong, I go with my gut which is usually the first step in successful decision making. Do not be influence by the people around you in what decision you’re going to make. Even if you end up making the wrong decision compared to others who might take in suggestions from the people around them, you will still be a much more confident decision maker. Follow your gut, you’ll thank yourself later.

Embracing Failure

The probability of losing or failing in mahjong is extremely high since one out of four players wins the game. I often get very frustrated when I consecutively lose a few games in a row because losing isn’t really a good feeling especially when you’ve a very high expectations to win.

However I was persistent that this can’t go for along as I started collecting new techniques and learning from mistakes made. Consequently there were progress in my games. Understanding this concept, I can actually turn losing into learning opportunity by listening and recognizing the problems it exposes.

Similarly in our daily lives, we face failure wherever and whatever we do. It stimulates our emotional development though etching the lessons we learn in our heads as approaching failure narrows the possible solutions for success. Embracing failure allow us to reveal our true inner potential as we grow a little every time we fall. Each time we fall, we build courage since we have bee molded to take more risk and chances as we move on. Ultimately, you will feel even better about yourself where you’ve been through all the obstacles when you win eventually.

Stay Humble

Each time after winning a game or two, I’ve the tendency to be over confident in winning the next few. However, being over confident sometimes can not only prevents you from winning but losing consecutive games as it happens to me every time.

I’ve come to realize success is only temporary and we should never let our guts down or you might risk losing your success. It’s actually our human innate character to take pride in things we acquire thus we should exercise higher self-control and know your limits while respecting others. We should recognize that we are not expert in the game but continue to learn throughout the games.




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