Summoner’s Rift

Forget the endless chores
Just one more game mom I promise
Flex queue, solo queue, it ain’t a thing
What really matters is low steady ping

Pick mid, pick top
Ended up filling support
Please ban Syndra and Zed
They are all merciless when fed

Welcome to summoners rift
Fingers side-by-side as I recline my wrist
Spending on relic and biscuits
Entering the field of justice where we belong

The dark child with her teddy
Hopping joyfully, flaming crazily
First blood with hextech tibbers
It’s all fancy, it must be dandy

Illuminating the darkest corners with my lantern
Hooking the most clever and resilient
Ready to send the living to my vault
Showering the opponents with some salt

Sharpening his claws in the bush
As he position to ambush
Leaping fearlessly onto his prey
Savoring the blood in disarray

All gathered at the dragon’s pit
For the ultimate battle of summoners wit
The tower is heavily veiled
But we conquered and impaled

Confidence surges and baron was stolen
Like a worrier I fought a good fight
Death isn’t the end of the story
It’s just the beginning of glory

This is the final battle we long await
To win to lose, stakes are high
Equip with the best at hand
It’s time to say our final goodbye

Hook with precision, flay with power
Dissolve in bullets of jhins flower
Calling down a beam of light
Healing our allies in a miserable plight

My victory lies in my history
They fill the skies with uncertainty
We rejoice, we cheer and we taunt
But what’s important is plus fifty


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