I asked myself, “is this only what life has to offer?” As I look across the room, I see dark as the only light, emptiness, all hope had long disappeared. I was retrenched yet again. Glaring out of the window and the rain doesn’t seem to stop. It becomes a subliminal habit and soon without even realizing I start to isolate my thoughts. I guess It’s time to let go rather than suffer a life of misery as I dragged myself to the window ledge, ready to jump. It seems in this final moments the rain outside began to stop. This was my final calling, my last goodbye.

Wind gushed pass my rusty face as I fell down to Mr Tan’s who was staying on the 7th floor. He was a quiet and rather mysterious man as I’ve known him since. Today, he was ransacking his wardrobe. A large bundle of women undies came pouring out where he took and arranged them. Ha gave a little smirk with the little strange fetish he got.

Gravity pulled me to the 6th floor – occupied by Mr Lim an old clothes man who was hard-working and extremely diligent. He’s always seen buying tonics with the small amount of money he earn everyday. Only today I realize what the tonics were used for – his bed ridden mother. Patiently and carefully scooping the tonic with a spoon. he feeds his mother hopeful to see some miracle in her.

Soon I fell to the Waterston couple who’s living on the 5th floor. they were lovely and friendly people, always sitting in the park for hours, talking about everything and anything. The girl would talk about her aspirations and her big day, the day she becomes a mother. Coming from their flat today were screams as they constantly shouted at one another, poking and hurting the love which was once thought to be long lasting.

I continue to plummet and fell to the 4th floor, tenanted by Ms Siti who stayed single through her years. Met with a serious car accident four year ago and had ended up losing both her arms, she was devastated as ever. Now, four years later, she sits in the living room laughing whole heatedly while watching her favorite comedy program. I’ve never seen her so cheerful before, her bright smile plastered on her face, lighting up the gloomy lit room.

The apartment on the 3rd floor was occupied by the Soo’s family of four who I always love meeting them at the lobby. Today their apartment were visited by two policemen who were handcuffing Jim, their only son. His mother, Mary knelt on the ground as her tears rolled harshly down her face, begging for a second chance for him to turn over a new leaf. “let him go, we don’t deserve a son like him” his dad sighed in disappointment.

On the 2nd floor was Mr Siva and his young and beautiful wife. Their love life might look like perfection – but the wedded bliss came at a price. Blind, old and wealthy, Mr Siva love his wife like any loving husband would. However the love was sadly not returned by his wife. All greedy and cunning, she takes Mr Siva’s money from his wallet while attending to the love that had never existed.

The ground floor approaches hard and fast and I lay facing to the skies in blood and pain. My neighbors who I was once watching, pop their heads out of the windows, and look down at me. As I regret my actions and realize how others lead their lives equally as bad or far worse than mine, they will also realize that their lives they lead isn’t as bad either. My stumbling ignorance had sought the road of wisdom. Imprisoned within an enchanted and regrettable circle, I closed my eyes and hope there’s a chance for reborn.



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