Nap In The Sky

I have recently travelled quite a lot and getting some sleep on the plane is often necessary on an overnight flight in order feel more energetic. However it can be pretty difficult to get some sleep or it can seem like an impossible task unless you’ve been taking sleeping pills.

Limited legroom, fidgetive neighbors and screaming children, it’s not really an easy task getting asleep. I’ve seen various position and posture passengers are willing to take in order to get some rest. Here’s a list of what people actually get into:

The Usual Sit

Shockingly some passengers are really talented in falling asleep just by just sitting on the seat. Only by closing their eyes and literally sitting on how a normal person would usually on a chair, they’re able to doze off in minutes. Really look up to these masters of sleep and hopefully I’ll be able to grasps this skill on day.

The Student

These people would open their front tables and using either their pillow or hands, they bury their head in their arms on the table. We’ve all tried this method be it as a student or a tired workaholic and I would say it’s a really comfortable position to sleep. However big guys may have some issue trying to bend their backs given the small space.

The Armchair

It’s as simple as it is. Extend and lay back the seat all the way for a full armchair experience except the passenger behind you might probably get upset. This maybe the best possible way to get some valuable sleep.

The Shoulder

They are not our typical independent travelers. These people sleep by leaning on the shoulders of the people they know siting beside them. It’s quite tough for guy lending the shoulder since he needs to be completely still.

The Neck Pillow

The main idea behind them is to actually prop your head preventing it to bob to one side since movement of head would generally mean disruption of sleep. There is a wide spectrum of pillows ranging from inflatable ones to sandy ones. Passengers sleeping with this method is actually one of the most common probably because its the most effective.

The Window Gazer

Apart from having some of the most spectacular aerial images and undeniably breath-taking views, these people pick the window seat such that they are able to lean their heads on the walls of the plane. Instead of leaning on someone’s shoulder, these passengers choose the steadier option. And of course there is less disruption from your neighbors moving in and out.

The Armrest

This is a rather uncommon and rarely seen one but I particularly prefer this method although it depends on what airplane you’re on. Some armrest unable you to lift them upright. It can be rather hard to rest your head on it so use a pillow and rest it on the armrest while you lie on the pillow. It’s some sort of a shoulder to lean on, maybe a makeshift one.

The First Class

Its kind of like first class seating when the seat next to you is empty. Simply just raise the armrest and you get extra leg room with a ‘bed’ to lay on, pretty sweet. Although it’s not so lucky every time, having that extra space gives you the entitlement to get comfortable by lying down and getting proper sleep. Truly a poor man’s first class.


Much have been said, which of these do you commonly use and is the most effective? Getting comfortable on a plane starts with finding that ideal position and ends with a good long sleep. Unless you’re well off enough to get to wither business or first class, why not try out all the methods!





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