All About The Wisdom

So I’ve decided to get rid of two of my bottom wisdom tooth and I must admit that having to plan an appointment for the surgery is rather daunting. The unbearable pain my wisdom tooth had caused me the last decade had certainly taken a toll –  I need to put this to a stop.

As a national serviceman, extracting my wisdom tooth won’t cost me a penny compared to private extraction services (which would cost me a bomb). But there was a little uncertainty and fear when it comes to ‘free’ services like this. However, watching my fellow servicemen completing their extraction without a hitch had definitely boosted my confidence.

A couple of days before the my appointment was a lot of eating my favorite food and looking up on wisdom tooth extraction videos on the net. Choosing to do the latter was a regrettable option but at least I had an idea what the procedure would be like.

The whole surgery went pretty smoothly probably because I cant feel anything with the local anesthesia. It took a short 45 minutes for both my bottom wisdom tooth to be extracted with the stitches being sewn on. The journey back home was so embarrassing as the blood and saliva mixture in my  mouth was drooling all over my mouth and onto the floor. I took the painkillers prescribed immediately after I was home, afraid of the pain which might kick in after the anesthesia wore off. 2 hours after the surgery, the pain started to engulf my mouth and the whole experience was unpleasant.

I didn’t had any appetite to eat or energy to do anything. I simply lay on my bed and succumb to the relentless pain. The thought of dislodging the blood clot in the first 48 hours made everything much worse. Trying to communicate to people was almost impossible with the bloody gauze packed in my mouth.

Whatever the case, I knew I’d to bear and suffer with this mental and physical pain for at least a few days but what really matter is what important life lessons I had learned from the whole experience.

Cherish Your Food

Eating hard, crunchy or spicy food can affect healing and cause undesirable pain. Thus I have resigned myself to eating soft food such as porridge and noodles. Having to consume the same food for almost every meal was unsatisfying especially when it doesn’t taste good. However, I knew I had to eat them in order to ease my hunger. I cherished and treasured the porridge served to me everyday as I come to realise we shouldn’t take our food for granted.


Frankly, looking through the pages of food bloggers with their lavish food really tempted me into giving up my soft food diet. The thoughts of having that succulent chicken in my mouth almost baited and lured me into buying something I shouldn’t eat. But somehow I was really determine to keep on track and complete my food routine. Eventually I saw progress as my extraction site healed really quick and it was pretty fast until I’m able to take in normal food.

Staying Healthy

Nothing productive was done in the first few days after the surgery. My daily routine consists of laying in bed and lazing around. Thus we should consistently keep ourselves healthy so that we’re able to keep going to achieve and complete things. Exercise regularly and eat well so we do not need to waste unnecessary time. Keeping and maintaining our bodies healthy can promote better mental health and thus boosts productivity.

Love From Family

When I was feeling mostly down and unenthusiastic about anything especially after the surgery, my parents and siblings were there to give emotional support. When I couldn’t talk and express my emotions, they stayed patient and forgiving. When I could only eat soft food, my grandmother made porridge and noodles – always trying her best to make it as delicious as possible. They all seem to really understand my current position but what’s really sad is that I can’t return the love they showered on me the whole time.

Underestimating Yourself

I could only imagine myself taking painkillers but I completed the course of it rather quickly. I embraced the pain for a couple of days and it was certainly not a nice experience. However, I’ve managed to overcome it which I thought i couldn’t. Most people are capable of more than they imagine and when you really underestimate yourself, you limit your life experiences.


I believe there’s a learning point in everything in life and hope you’ve learn something too. Please share your experiences 🙂






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